By-Law I Officers

A: Election
The officers for the Board of Directors shall be elected at the Summer General Meeting in June. Those officers shall be President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Arbitrator, and seven Coordinators. The immediate Past President shall be a member of the Board with all voting rights. Those elected will assume office upon adjournment of the meeting. All Officers shall be elected in the Summer General Meeting and shall serve two year terms. The President, Second Vice President, Registrar, Treasurer and three Coordinators shall be elected in even years and the First Vice President, Secretary, Arbitrator, and remaining Four Coordinators elected in odd years.
B: Eligibility for League Office
No individual club shall control, at any time, more than 25 percent of the voting strength of the Board of Directors. A candidate or Board member’s affiliation shall be determined by the Nominating Committee according to the following sequential criteria:

  • The candidate or Board member holds a position on a club’s Board of Directors or governing body.
  • The candidate or Board member is a coach of a club team.
  • The child or spouse of a candidate or Board member is a member of a club.
  • The candidate or Board member last affiliation or long standing affiliation with a club.The Nominating Committee has sole discretion in determining Board affiliations with clubs. Appeals of their decisions must be submitted to the Appeals Committee according to League policy and by laws.

If a club exceeds the 25 percent representation on the Board, the Club will indicate to the League which Board member(s) is to be withdrawn from the Board to be in compliance with the 25 percent rule. The club must notify the League in writing within ten days of the election, or all Board members from the club will be temporarily suspended from the Board until the club complies. The club has sole discretion in determining which Board member will resign.
C: Removal and Resignation from Office
Any member of the Board of Directors absenting himself/herself from 3 successive meetings without adequate reason, who fails to discharge his/her duties or who resigns may have his/her office declared vacant by two-thirds vote of the Board. In the event of any vacancy, a majority of the remaining Directors may fill such vacancy until the next regular general meeting. Revised 12/00