By-Law II Committees

A: Standing Committees
Rules Committee shall consider and propose amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws. It shall have all matters of rules referred to it and meet whenever necessary.
Registration Committee shall have charge of all matters concerning club and player registration and be chaired by the Registrar. This committee is composed of the President, Registrar and Secretary.
Publicity Committee shall handle all matters pertaining to League publicity and be chaired by the Second Vice-President.
Arbitration Committee shall handle all matters pertaining to League arbitration and be chaired by the Arbitrator.
Screening Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to applications for Full, Travel Only, Guest, or Temporary club membership in the League. The application must be presented to the Delegates for a motion to accept. Notice of a membership application must be sent to all member clubs 14 days in advance of the Delegates’ meeting at which the acceptance vote is to be held.
Tournament Committee shall be in charge of running tournaments sponsored by the League.
Coordinator Committee shall have charge of all matters concerning games sponsored by the League and of all championship tournaments and shall be chaired by the Games Chairman.
Registrar’s Committee shall review and rule on all player transfer requests and shall consist of the Registrar (as chair) and at least two other members.
Supervisory Committee shall review and rule on all non-game related issues of behavior detrimental to EHYSL and shall set penalties where appropriate. It shall consist of at least three appointees chosen by the President with the assistance and approval of the Board of Directors.
Additional standing committees may be created by the Board of Directors as necessary.

B: Special Committees:
Special committees shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.
Auditing Committee shall be annually appointed by the Delegates of the League to inspect the books of the Treasurer and to certify his/her financial reports.
Appeals Committee shall handle all appeals to the League.
Nominating Committee will be announced at the March delegates meeting each year. Nominations will be accepted (in writing, or electronically) by any member of the Committee or the league office by 2:00 PM on the day three weeks prior to the Summer General Meeting in June. Within a week, the Chairman will publish a slate candidates, nominated by position and name, and advise the League office, for timely transmission to the Clubs, no later than two weeks before the Summer General Meeting in June. All Nominees being nominated must be present at the June meeting or inform the Committee in writing, of their intention to run for office and their inability to attend the meeting . Revised 12/2012