By-Law III Meeting Procedures

A: Rules of Order
Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by the Constitution and By-Laws of the League.
B: Order of Business
The order of business for all meetings shall be:
Roll Call of Officers
Submission of, and amendments to, minutes of previous meeting(s), including Club attendance.
Treasurer’s Report
Reports of Officers
Reports of Standing Committees
Reports of Special Committees
Reports of Delegates (Delegate Meeting only)
Old Business
Amendments and Additions to the Constitution and By-Laws (Summer and Winter General Meetings only)
Election of Officers (Summer General Meeting only)
New Business
Installation of new Board by Past President (Summer General Meeting only)
New President calls for other business (Summer General Meeting only)
C: Notification of Meetings
Member clubs shall be given at least 14 days prior notice in writing, or electronically, of all general, Board of Directors and delegate meetings.
D: Penalty for Delegate Meeting Absence
Full Member clubs are to be fined $10 per meeting for failure to attend the delegate meeting and $50 per meeting for failure to attend either of the two general meetings. In addition full member clubs absenting themselves for 2 successive mandatory meetings shall forfeit their vote at the next Annual General Meeting. These sanctions will be imposed automatically by the evidence of the amended minutes submitted by the Secretary. The Board of Directors, by two-thirds vote can exempt clubs from fines if extenuating circumstances exist, in response to an appeal by the club, in writing, supplying any pertinent details.
E: Minutes
Minutes of general, Board of Directors and delegates meetings shall be provided to each member club president within fourteen (14) days of said meeting. The only information which may be redacted from the minutes distributed would be any discussion/vote of a personnel issue pertaining to an employee who receives a W-2 form for tax purposes and for matters discussed in executive session provided that a majority of board members present agree to go into executive session. Revised 12/05