By-Law IV Club Registration

A: Admission Procedures:
Any organization wishing to become a member of the League for the purpose of entering a team, must petition the Board of Directors through its Screening Committee. This request for membership must be received by the committee on or before June 1st, for the Fall Season, and November 1st for the Spring Season.The Board of Directors, after reviewing the findings of the Screening Committee, will decide whether to recommend admission of the petitioning organization to the Club Delegates. Each club, upon being accepted as a member of the E.H.Y.S.L. shall receive a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws.
B: Club Obligations:
Each new club shall pay an initiation fee of $100.00. Revised 12/2012
Member clubs must be registered and known by the name of the town or community they represent and players be deferentially representative of these subdivisions. Each club shall be responsible for insuring the proper registration of its players and teams, proper accounting of fiscal transactions and accurate reporting of all information required by the League.
C: Registration Payment and Late Penalty:
A team or club renewing membership shall submit to the League office all club registration forms, electronically or by tradition method, all club teams, players and full payment of all dues and fees as set forth. If a club can not meet the deadline for registration, a late fee of $50.00 per team will be charged, however fees could be waived by the registration committee, depending on the circumstances. Considerations to how late teams and players were submitted should be taken into account. Travel registration deadline is the last Friday in June. Invoices will be issued to clubs three times annually in: July/August, November/December, and February/March time frame, for payment due within 21 day of receipt.
D: Seasonal Year
Clubs must renew membership each seasonal year which will extent from September 1 to August 31of the following year. Revised 12/08