By-Law IX Disciplinary Actions

A: Arbitrator Responsibility for Game Misconduct
Based on the submitted referee report the League Arbitrator shall take the following actions against a player or coach: If a player or coach is carded (red or yellow) in three games in one playing year it will result in suspension of one game plus any other suspensions incurred. Every carded game thereafter will result in a suspension of one game plus any other suspensions incurred. Ejection (red card) from a game will result in a minimum of a one game suspension. If the misconduct is fighting, the minimum suspension is two games. A player ejected (red carded) twice within one playing year will receive a minimum of a two game suspension. Ejection (red card) of a coach once within the playing year will result in a minimum of a two game suspension. In addition, the club will be notified of such action in writing.
B: Procedures For Misconduct Against Referees
Any player, spectator or coach who was found to have attacked or threatened to attack a referee at any E.H.Y.S.L. match will be dealt with according to the State-designated procedure.
C: Board of Directors Authority
The Board of Directors has the right and authority to suspend, or otherwise discipline any member club, team, its representatives or players if their actions have been contrary to the Constitution and By-Laws of the League. The League may ban a person from attending all League games. If a person disregards the League decision, the child or children may be suspended from participation in the League. The Board of Directors may, at it’s discretion, suspend from membership, or expel, any individual, team or club that: Willfully refuses or violates any of the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the League Commits any act which is inconsistent with the principles and standards of good sportsmanship and fair play. Such action shall require a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. A member shall have an opportunity to show cause why such action shall not be taken.
D: Reinstatement After League Suspension
The Board of Directors may, by a two-thirds vote, reinstate a member, team or club that has been suspended from the League.
E: Termination of Game
If the referee terminates a game prematurely for reasons other than weather or field conditions, the arbitrator may declare a forfeit with a score of 3-0, based upon his analysis and the referee’s report. Upon a coach removing his/her team from the field of play during or prior to the conclusion of a match, the referee will hold the coach’s pass and forward it to the EHYSL Office, whereupon the Arbitrator may impose a suspension. Revised 06/99