By-Law V Team Registration

A: Procedures
The League office will prepare and publish annually to member clubs a written set of procedures pertaining to team and player registration. Specific methodology will be included relating to team formation and dissolution, player registration by club registrars, and other pertinent information which the clubs should know in order to process new applicants and transfer existing players. A MINIMUM OF 11 PLAYERS IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER A TEAM.
Each team must submit to the League Registrar the appropriate Club registration forms, submit electronically players and teams thru the registration system to the league office, or written, and comply with By-Law IV Club Registration. The procedures for such registration shall (with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors) be issued by the League Registrar. Revised 12/2012
B: Team Name
All clubs’ teams must be identified by a separate “team” or “mascot” name. Team names and shirt colors shall be included in the standard information submitted by clubs prior to each season.
C: Withdrawal
A team may withdraw without penalty or forfeiture of fees prior to player registration date. A team may withdraw prior to the seeding meeting however all fees paid will be forfeited. A team withdrawing after the start of the respective season Fall or Spring will forfeit all fees paid. A team may withdraw from participation by requesting permission to do so from the League office and approved by the games chairman. The request must be in writing. Revised 12/2012