By-Law VI Player Registration

A: Player Residence
Players should reside in the club’s community to the maximum extent possible and within the flexibility provided by the By-Law for Player Transfer and Release. This is intended to prevent the formation of select teams and vying for players.
B: Registration Procedures
For the U.S.S.F. annual registration period, players will be registered with their own member clubs using the team registration process approved and issued by the League office prior to the publicized registration deadline. Movement of players from that moment until the end of the playing season will be governed by all applicable rules and procedures stated elsewhere in the Constitution and By-Laws
C: Restriction on Participation Outside League
Players must be registered at least 14 days or have participated in at least 2 League games prior to taking part in any competition outside the League sponsored by the U.S.Y.S.A.
D: Restrictions on Participation on East Hudson Academy Teams
A player must be registered on an E.H.Y.S.L. club team before being eligible to try-out for a academy team. Exceptions may be made by the Academy Director for other U.S.S.F. affiliated clubs or teams, and players returning from college to play U19 East Hudson Academy program. All East Hudson Academy team players must try out for their own age group first and if recommended by the Coach within that age group, may, with the approval of the Academy Director of the League, try out for the next age group. Revised 12/2012