By-Law VII Player Transfer and Release

A: Player Registration and Binding to Team
A travel players registration binds him/her to their travel team for the soccer playing year from League’s Registration date until the end of the playing year (the following August 31st) and any releases to transfer to another travel team will be allowed in limited circumstances.
B: Transfers
A written request for a release for the purpose of being allowed to transfer to another travel team and the Player Transfer Form must be filed with the E.H.Y.S.L. office to be decided upon by the Registrar’s Committee. The player/parent making the request is required to attend the committee hearing. Any appeal of the decision must be made within the guidelines of By Law XIX; Appeals. A player may leave a travel team to go into his/her home clubs recreational player pool at any time during the soccer year. Any recreational player who has not been previously registered to a travel team in the current season and is currently rostered to a recreational team and wishing to be released to join a travel team may do so at any time during the season, with the written approval of his/her current club. A travel registration form must be completed prior to the player’s transfer to that travel team.
C: Player Transfer Fee
The club is required to pay a fee as established annually by the League when a player is transferred from one team to another, even within the same club. The player will have to be re-registered and issued a new pass. Travel team player transfer requests between clubs must be accompanied by a $50.00 fee which may be refundable at the discretion of the committee.
D: Restrictions on Transfers Between Clubs
A Club shall be limited to a total of three players per age group from any and all other clubs per seasonal year unless otherwise permitted by the Board of Directors.
E: Poaching
Any coach, who by his/her actions, or any club which, through its responsible officers or representatives, attempts to recruit or induce a registered player of any team of this League to leave his/her team, without prior consent of the players present club, shall be deemed to have committed an offense of poaching and shall be dealt with by the Board of Directors of the League. This shall also apply to the borrowing of players for tournament play without the appropriate permission of the present club.
F: Guest Players
Coaches using guest players must secure the written approval of the coach of the team with whom that player is registered prior to that player’s participation. This written approval must be attached to any Permission to Travel request for out of state play prior to submission for approval. It must also be presented at all sanctioned events within the state association
G: Solicitation of Players
Players are free to move to any organization at the start of the year, however, no club may solicit a player registered to another team/club or induce them to participate in a tryout either directly or indirectly through intermediaries. This includes invitations to “camps”, “tournament teams”, “training programs”, etc. Such conduct will be considered “poaching” and may be punishable by the action of the Board of Directors or appropriate disciplinary committee. Revised 12/07