By-Law VIII Conduct

A: Primary Objective
An important purpose of the League is to encourage and achieve clean competition and good sportsmanship with gentlemanly behavior. Conduct which is consistent with the Constitution and By-Laws of this League is required by all who are involved in League competition. This includes club officials, coaches, players and spectators. The following will not be tolerated:

Foul language
Interference with play
Unsportsmanlike conduct
Encouraging unsportsmanlike conduct
Causing a disturbance during or after a game
Entering the field without the direction of the referee
B: Coaching Conduct
A coach is also responsible for the behavior of spectators supporting his/her team. Moreover, a coach may receive a caution (yellow card) or ejection (red card) from the grounds by the referee based on his/her inability to control these spectators.
C: Player Conduct
Player conduct is subject to the F.I.F.A. Laws of the Game. Revised 06/9