By-Law X Refereeing

A: Primary Responsibility
The referee shall at all times put great emphasis on the welfare of players and officiate the game in a manner inducing clean competition and good sportsmanship.
B: Line-up Cards
The referee shall require that both teams enter all of the appropriate information on the E.H.Y.S.L. line-up card prior to the game.
C: Player Passes
The referee shall verify that all passes are for the same team and verify the identity of each player with the picture on the player pass. He shall collect the passes before the game starts and permit no one to play who does not present one. The passes are to be held by the referee until the game is completed.
D: Referee Report
The referee shall complete his report form and mail it to the League office within 48 hours (holidays excluded). The player pass or adult supervisor card of anyone ejected from the game shall be included with the referee report for all divisions.
E: Linesmen
The referee must offer both teams the opportunity to provide a linesman unless the League arranges to have neutral linesmen assigned.
F: Adverse Game Conditions
The decision whether to postpone all games at a given field due to weather conditions, or poor field conditions rests solely with the president of the club providing the field. However, each referee still has the responsibility to terminate or temporarily suspend play if weather or field conditions change before or during the course of play. UNDER NO CONDITIONS IS A GAME TO BE PLAYED IN A THUNDERSTORM, LIGHTNING STORM, OR THREAT THEREOF.
G: Referee Assignment
Referees for games not assigned by the designated League Referee Assignor(s) will be assigned by the Head Referee of the club supplying the field or by the appropriate referee organization when directed by the League. A coach may not referee a game in his own division. The assigned referee in any division may not be a relative of a player or coach on either team. If any coach knowingly allows such a referee to officiate a League game (excepting circumstances detailed in Section X – H), that team and coach are subject to penalties including fines, suspensions, and game forfeiture, in any combination. Additionally, the referee will be reported to the State for their action. All travel referees, regardless of division, are required to be USSF certified, and currently registered, Grade 8 or better. Clubs will be responsible for assigning such referees to League travel games, in club-assigned divisions (excepting circumstances detailed in Section X  H), with penalties for failure to comply including fines, forfeiture, and bad standing, in any combination.
H: Referee No-show
If an assigned referee fails to show, the two teams may agree on a substitute who must officiate the complete game (no splitting the job). If the agreed upon substitute is a relative of a player or coach of either team, both coaches must agree in writing to waive the prohibition of a relative refereeing the game. Neither coach has the right to protest the arrangement. Once the substitute referee starts the game, he/she cannot be replaced, even if the assigned referee shows up late.
I: Extremely High Temperature
The referee has the discretion to allow breaks as appropriate during extreme weather conditions to insure player safety. Revised 12/05