By-Law XI Identification and Game Reports

A: Adult Supervisor ID Card
A coach must be in possession of an adult supervisor card. This card will be kept by the referee with the players’ passes until the match is concluded. As with a player’s pass, the coach’s adult supervision card must be sent by the referee to the League Arbitrator in care of the League Office in instances where a coach has been ejected from a game. If there is no registered coach with his card, the game will not be played. If due to a Coach’s send off there is no remaining viable carded coach, the game will be terminated at that point. A fine of $5 will be imposed for a lost card.
B: Player Passes
Player passes must be presented to the referee prior to each League game. Any player missing a pass shall not be allowed to play in the game.
C: Line-up Cards
Line-up cards must be submitted to the referee 5 minutes before game time. Each coach is responsible for accurate entry of all requested information on the line-up card for both played and forfeited games. The coach’s name should be that of the person who performed that function at that game. Only players who actually participate in the game should be listed. In the case of a forfeit, it is not necessary to list player information. If the game was a make-up, the original schedule date should be entered at the top of the card. Each line-up card for a played game should have the printed name of both the coach and referee, and be initialed by same at end of the game. Follow the instructions on the back of the line-up card regarding exchange of copies. In the case of a forfeit, each coach completes the line- up card (with the exception of player and referee information), enters the 3-0 score, denotes that it was a forfeiture and submits the white original to League office. In the case of a team “no show” where one or both coaches are present, the line-up cards must be completed by those present and submitted to the League office as usual. Line-up cards must reach the League office within 7 days of the game. Only the white originals of the official E.H.Y.S.L. line-up cards should be submitted. Copies are unacceptable. A $5 fine is assessable for either a card with incomplete information or late delivery of a card.
D: Score Call-in
The home team club is responsible for insuring that a single designee communicates (phone, electronically) the scores of all its games, both played or forfeited, to the league office. This report must be made by a single club-designated individual (rather than having all the coaches call). For weekend games, the results must be reported on Monday (or the first non-holiday) before 10 AM. A $5 fine is assessable for failure to call in score promptly.
E: Injury and Damage Reports
Any injury to, or damages caused by an E.H.Y.S.L. participant shall be reported to the appropriate club official, who in turn shall report the incident to the League President or assigned League official. Revised 12/05