By-Law XIII Uniforms

A: Communication of Shirt Color Information
Each club is responsible for accurately reporting to the League office the predominant shirt color each of its teams will wear when they play as a visitor. This will be done at the time of team registration each season. The League office shall inform the clubs in writing of the predominant shirt color of visiting teams. This information will be distributed with the schedules and updated as needed. The clubs are responsible for promptly communicating this information to the appropriate coaches within their clubs.
B: Shirt Color and Number Requirements
Except where dictated by “C” (below) all players on a team are required to wear shirts of the same color except the goalkeeper. Goalkeepers must wear a shirt color which is distinct from the shirt colors of both teams. The shirts of each team must be the predominant color listed by the club; must contain the official club logo; and must be numbered on the back with unique numbers which are a minimum of 6 inches in height. Alternate colored shirts, when used, must also contain the official club logo and must be numbered on the back as noted above. Failure to comply by any team members in League games, or games entered as a duly registered EHYSL team ( State Cup, Premier, etc.) may result in disciplinary action including fines, suspensions of the responsible coaching personel, and forfeiture of the game(s) involved, in combination decided upon by the disciplinary committee. Where the predominant shirt colors of the teams are similar, the home team must effect a shirt change. The alternate color must be the same for all players on the team yet distinct from the opposing team. This may be accomplished by T-shirts, bibs or “pinnies” which effectively cover both the front and back of the original shirt. Moreover, the team making this change is not subject to the above mentioned penalty if numbers are not present on the alternate shirts. The time taken to effect the shirt color change will count toward delay of game start and, therefore, possible forfeiture.
C: Clothing Under Uniforms
Visible undergarments such as cycling shorts are allowed, provided that they are the same color as the player’s soccer shorts and do not extend further than the top of the knee. The wearing of track suits or similar trousers, also long-sleeved shirts, is permitted only when adverse F). Final decision as to weather or playing conditions exist (Below 40 weather conditions rest solely with the referee. Revised 06/10