By-Law XIX Appeals

A: Line of Authority For Appeals
The line of authority, should any person, team or club wish to appeal any decision, shall be:
From Arbitrator or Supervisory Committee to Appeals Committee of the League.
From the East Hudson Appeals Committee to the Appeals Committee of the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association.
B: Appeals Procedures
Appeals may be made on decision of the Arbitrator, Supervisory Committee or Board of Directors, following the line of authority as listed above.

Appeals are to be written in triplicate and signed by the coach and sent to the Chairman of the Appeals Board by registered mail within three days of the postmarked date on the previous protest or appeal decision.

Appeals to the Board of Directors are to be written in triplicate and signed by coach and sent to the Secretary of the League, by registered mail, within three days of the postmark of the date of the previous protest or appeal.

A fee of $75 must accompany all appeals to the Appeals Board or Board of Directors. All fees will be returned if appeal is successful in total. Upon receipt of a properly filed appeal and the fee, the Chairman of Appeals Board will convene the appropriate body and invite, not later than 5 days before the meeting, the involved clubs and individuals to a hearing of the case. An individual or club, having been invited to a meeting and failing to appear, shall forfeit any right of further appeal. The available evidence shall be reviewed and a verdict, based upon such evidence, shall be rendered. A detailed report will be sent to both coaches and the club on the verdict of the Board.

Referees who disregard the invitation shall be reported to the New York State Soccer Referee Association and the Hudson Valley Soccer Referee Association.

All parties to a case shall be notified in writing within 5 days of an appeals hearing of the decision made by the convening body. Appeals to the E.N.Y.Y.S.A. are made directly to them, with the appropriate fee within three days. The appeal must include all details and charges. An additional copy must be sent to the opposing club. Check must accompany the protest. Failure to follow the above procedure voids an appeal. Revised 06/10