By-Law XV Forfeitures

A: Delay in Start of Game
If one or both teams delay the start of a scheduled game by more than 15 Minutes without approval of the Age Group Coordinator, the team or teams shall forfeit the game 3-0. This rule is waived if the game is delayed by a preceding game on the same field that is an E.H.Y.S.L. travel team League game.
B: Team No Show
Any team which fails to dress at least 7 players for a regularly scheduled match shall, unless excused by the Age Group Coordinator, be charged with a 3-0 forfeit once a 15 minute waiting period has elapsed. The penalty for a No-Show is the referee’s normal fee for that age group. Revised 12/2012
C: False Registration
Every game that a falsely registered player participates in will result in an automatic loss, with the score being 3-0.
D: Notification of Forfeiture
It is imperative that the forfeiting team notify the opposing team as early as possible. The forfeiting team must immediately notify the appropriate referee assignor. In those cases where the assigned referee must be reimbursed because of late notification, the forfeiting team will pay the referee fee. The reporting of the results for forfeitures is covered under the By-Law for Identification and Games Reports.
E: Forfeit Withdrawal
If, after a team forfeits a game (with sufficient advanced warning), the weather forces the home team club to postpone all games for the field involved, the forfeiting team can withdraw its forfeit by notifying the opposing coach and the Age Group Coordinator within 48 hours following the scheduled game. Sufficient advanced warning will consist of notifying the opposing coach, the referee assignor, and the Age Group Coordinator at least 24 hours before the schedule game.
F: Involuntary Forfeit Notification and Appeal
If the case of an involuntary forfeit, the coach of the team requesting the forfeit must notify the appropriate A.G.C, electronically within 24 hours. The AGC will investigate, and submit his findings and recommendations to the Games Chairman within one week of the first request. The Games Chairman may convene a hearing if he/she so chooses, but in any event must issue his decision electronically to the coaches and club Presidents involved, within one week. If the forfeiting team fees that extenuating circumstances existed and were not properly weighed, it may appeal the decision by submitting a written or electronic appeal to the Appeals Committee within 48 hours after receiving notification from the Games Chairman.
G: Multiple Forfeitures
Any team that forfeits more than one game in a given season may be subject to disciplinary action and or a fine, except in the case where a team disbands or folds. Revised 12/06,,Revised 12/2012