By-Law XVI Schedule and Schedule Changes

A: Minimum Number of Games
All teams which compete in both the Fall and Spring season and whose season is scheduled to start before the third weekend in September will be scheduled for no less than 8 games. If the schedule will not be balanced, the imbalance will be accomplished by a random draw of the teams involved.
B: Individual Game Change
No scheduled game may be postponed or changes made to date, time or field without the approval of the Age Group Coordinator. The Referee Assignor will accept changes only from the Age Group Coordinator or in his absence, the League Games Chairman. All changes must be communicated to the Referee Assignor by the A.G.C, or L.G.C, electronically, no later than 6 PM on the Wednesday before the game is to be played. In the event of a last minute, emergency change of field, the home team must provide a person at the original site to escort the referee to the new location.
C: Club Wide Postponement
In the event of extremely bad weather or field conditions, a club may decide to postpone all scheduled home games on one or more fields for a particular day. In this case, the club president (or their designee) must notify the appropriate referee assignor, Age Group Coordinators and all visiting team club presidents (or their designee). This must all be done before 10:00 a.m. (unless the first effected game is before 12 noon in which case a minimum of 2 hours is required).
The club presidents (or their designee) are responsible for notifying the individual coaches and club-assigned referees within their own club. Revised 06/00