East Hudson Youth Soccer League Proposed Committees 2012-2013




Committee                                      Chair                    Members                                                    
Academy Wexler Purdy, Shogren
Arbitration Committee Ceonzo Gulmi, Mariani
Appeals Wexler Ceonzo, Reed,Carucci
Of the Year  Gulmi Mariani, Reed,Carucci 
Finance/Audit Hayes Eleftherion, Mancusi 
Hall of Fame Purdy Gulmi + three current Hof F members (rotating)
Nominating Mariani Shogren,Mancusi
Office Shogren Raccioppo, Eleftherion, Clemmer,Hayes 
Registrar Mancusi Popoli,Carucci
Registration Mancusi Purdy,Raccioppo
Rules Ceonzo Popoli, Clemmer,Romano 
Scholarship Schuler Popoli,Hayes 
Screening Clemmer Wexler,Romano 
Supervisory Eleftherion Wexler, Popoli,Hayes 
Tournament Raccioppo Shogren,Reed,Mariani,Clemmer,Carucci
Risk Management Eleftherion Wexler,Popoli,Clemmer,Romano,Carucci
Coaching Education Wexler Purdy,Mariani