About Us

The East Hudson Youth Soccer League was established in 1976 with Four member clubs and somewhat less than 300 players. Today, we are the second largest league in New York State with forty-four participating clubs and over 15,000 players. Come join the thousands of visitors to our beautiful Hudson River Valley. Experience great soccer, great people and great fun!

EHYSL 407 Route 6, Mahopac, N.Y. 10541
Member of E.N.Y.Y.S.A. Affiliated with U.S.Y.S.A.
Past Presidents of EHYSL

Board of Directors

2018 – 2019


East Hudson Board of Directors

  Jim Purdy                     purdyjim2@aol.com                       914-474-4327                League President   Dan Kelly                      Danielp.kelly@verizon.net             914-391-7098                1st VP / Games Chairman   Jeff Wexler                    jdwexler@optonline.net                 845-705-0597                2nd VP / Academy Director   Rich Ceonzo                 rceonzo@aol.com                          845-416-3510                League Arbitrator   Aimee Reilly                  reilly.aimee2@gmail.com              845-475-6451                League Registrar   Stephen Orr                  sorr@hvc.rr.com                            845-863-4028                League Secretary   John Hayes                   jjh23roma@gmail.com                  914-907-7821                League Treasurer     AGE GROUP COORDINATORS   Bill Brown                    billbrown@newwindsorsoccerclub.com        845-863-1754               BU15, BU16, HS-B & HS-G   Chris Decker               cpdecker@msn.com                                     845-239-8164               BU09, GU09, GU10   John Kaste                  johnkaste@wscsoccerclub.com                   845-494-8628               GU11, BU13   Dan Kelly - Acting       danielp.kelly@verizon.net                             914-391-7098               BU14   Jim Purdy - Acting       purdyjim2@aol.com                                     914-474-4327               GU13, GU14 & GU15   Karen Shogren            ehysl.karen@gmail.com                               914-466-0840               BU12 & GU12   Tammy Tarantino        tammyagssoccer@gmail.com                      845-670-4216               BU10 & BU11   TBA       Chris Gulmi                   Soccer@ehysl.org                   845-621-0112                League Office Manager   Debbie Silver                debbie@ehysl.org                    845-621-0112                League Office   Cathy Romano              roma7779@aol.com                845-721-6325               League  Referee Assignor