EHYSL Referee Mentoring Program

The league strongly encourages its members to take advantage of the services provided by the referee mentoring program. Any referee or club that wants to use the services of the mentoring program should call John Hayes 914 788 4660 or any committee member noted below:


What is the mission of the referee mentoring program?

The mission of the mentoring program is to coordinate referee training activities to aid in the recruitment, retention and development of youth and adult referees for the enrichment of the EHYSL soccer experience.    

What is the goal of the program?

The program must achieve an acceptable level of Referee Retention of 70% attribution, enhance communication efforts among club Head Referees and providing a mentor at first EHYSL referee assignment to meet it goals


What specifically does the program perform?

The referee program provides the following services:

  • One on one game mentoring by a adult or high school senior –
  • Provides Classroom instruction ( 2 hour ) The following course are available  

         “Being an Assistant Referee”

  “How to Prepare for Your First Travel Games”

  • On field training programs focusing on referee positioning and signal
  • Coordinates the development of referee training across the league


Instruction is provided by USSF certified instructors and can be provided at any location within the league area.  All referee mentors have completed a mentoring course designed by the USSF.


Who do I call?


The following members of the committee and will schedule services for any individual or club in the league. 


Committee Chairperson – John Hayes – Yorktown – 914 788 4660

Committee member – James Bowne   La Grange

Committee member – John Vogt  – Highland

Enrico Romano – Beekman

Fred Valenti – Mahopac